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Strengthening of Floor Beam and Slab in Malaysia

This building was rented out to an IT company that provides a wide range of services and support to the banking operation systems of a UK based bank in more than 70 countries worldwide.

A new server room was proposed to be located at 4th floor of the building resulting in new and heavy IT equipment to be brought in. This additional equipment required the floor slab to be strengthened. Additionally, a 2 hour fire rated wall was to be erected to protect the server room at this level. This would require the perimeter cantilever beams to be propped up using new steel structural sections from below. The original strengthening proposal was to strengthen the beams and slabs below using steel beam sections which would require the removal and reinstatement of false ceiling, firefighting sprinkler pipes and air conditioning ceiling cassettes units in a high security area of the building where no down time in office operation was allowed.

The TYFO® Fibrwrap® System along with the steel works proposed and installed by Fibrwrap Construction (M) Sdn Bhd and were found to be the most economical alternative to strength the structure considering that a large floor area would be affected. The works were carried out to completion ahead of schedule with minimal or no disruption to ongoing activities in the building, with all noisy and dusty works carried out after normal office hours within the cordon off work area.

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