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Bishan Community Club at Singapore

Bishan Community Club also known as Bishan CC is conveniently situated in the midst of Bishan, opposite the Bishan MRT station, Singapore.

The Community Club is also recognised for its Indian Classical Dance interest group, which has taken part in various processions, National Day Parade, Residents' Committees (RC) organised functions, temple shows as well as overseas performances.

The purpose of strengthening is to increase the beams capacity due to additional loading to be applied at 2nd floor and 4th floor. Initially the FRP strengthening was not the first option due to high deflection and bending moment from the additional loading to the affected beams. Due to the head room constraint, the combination of the FRP wrapping and conventional jacketing method were proposed as an optional strengthening solution for the affected beams. The project was completed on February 2013.

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